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Check out "What's New"  - links to things I'm interested in:
  • Political Science, by Michael Specter, an essay from The New Yorker, about the disregard for science from the Bush administration. 
  • Brokeback Mountain, the story that spawned the movie. (11/20/05)
  • A series of articles about climate change, from The New Yorker, by Elizabeth Kolbert. (08/19/05)
  • An article by Richard Preston about climbing some of the tallest trees in the world. (07/25/05)
  • A few favorite stories, the man behind "ferret-legging", and Bill Moyers with Isaac Asimov. (04/16/05)
  • A great essay from 1987 about the advent of microbrewing here in the US (11/12/04).
  • A few new articles about Ken Kesey, the economics of food production, and a favorite sf story of mine, (07/10/04)
  • Some new articles about apples, merchant shipping, and "webstalking" (01/24/04).
  • A link to my new tree-seed-growing website. (08/20/03)
  • A few new articles. (08/20/03)
  • The (actual) effect of sanctions on the people of Iraq. (01/08/03)
  • A very funny essay about exploring the Meadowlands of New Jersey.
  • Photos of a strange guy on wheels.
  • I've been reading and listening to Michael Pollan a lot lately. Here are a few essays on the organic food industry in America, beef, and a some links to an interview where he explains his thoughts on plants and the human brain.

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